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I signed up for 23andme.  I've waffled back and forth on doing this for a while but decided in the end to do it.  It should be interesting to see where it says my ancestry comes from.  My family's background is pretty diverse as I know it: English, Irish, Italian, German and Croatian.  My father in law did it and discovered that he had a genetic mutation that effected his body's ability to metabolize Vitamin B6.  The doctor confirmed it and he's being treated for it.  He said a lot of smaller problems he's had his whole life have gone away.  And is very pleased!  It's genetic meaning that it could pass down to my husband and our children potentially, so it's good to be aware of it I guess.  I do think there's a danger into reading too much into it.  Just because you have the genes for something doesn't necessarily mean you have the condition.  At least, not for all genes.  I, quite frankly, don't expect many surprises health-wise anyway.

Monday the glass window in the library's main door was broken.  One of the students in the library was mad at someone outside and was apparently going out to fight them and punched the window on the way out with enough force to shatter it.  This wasn't just a flimsy piece of glass either.  So...that was exciting I guess.

Speaking of work, there was talk by the administration of taking away summer hours this year.  My campus closes at 4:30 in the summer, allowing everyone to go home a half hour early.  To put this in perspective: this year they reduced the college's retirement contributions down to zero and we haven't seen a raise in years.  I know we've got low enrollment but this seems needlessly cruel.  I suspect they'll find more push back then they might be expecting.  There was little complaint about the retirement because I think everyone understood the financial picture.  There is not apparent point to this.  ...Yeah, I have started looking for another job.  

My husband has an interview for another job himself.  This would represent a really big increase in pay for him and better benefits.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I have my first couple jars of honey jarred.  It's a beautiful gold color-or at least the first batch is.  Honey color can vary even within the same hive.  I definitely had some darker honey which I haven't processed yet.

I had a bit of a scare over my husband again Monday night.  I really can't go into it without giving away some personal, identifying type information but let's just say for a while there it sounded like he was in a potentially deadly situation but it turns out in the end that he wasn't in any real danger.  He's got to stop scaring me.

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