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 So one of the things I learned through 23 and Me is that I've got a condition that is kind of a little like Sickle Cell anemia except it isn't Sickle Cell anemia.  It's in the same class and within the same cluster of genes.  It effects the shape of my red blood cells.  It is largely asymptomatic, however and is likely to never really do anything other than impart a partial immunity to malaria so I'm counting that as a win.

I bought myself Zinnas for my desk at work.  They are very cheerful.  I could use the cheer because I've been feeling very insecure lately for no apparent reason.  I also bought myself chocolates. :)

For the first time in some time I've been able to get some reading done!  I'm reading American Nations, which is about how the U.S. is really formed out of eleven very distinct cultures with differing backgrounds and societal norms.  It is both interesting to read a not sugar-coated history of the founding of our nation and to see how those differences persist and inform our country's politics and culture wars today.  It is also nice to finally be reading something for myself.  :D

The garden is coming along.  We still have so much work to do, but we're getting there.


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