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 Saturday we attempted to go to my baby brother's high school graduation party.  Note the word "attempted."

At 8:30am we piled the kids in the car and waved goodbye to our house.  It was raining pretty hard, but we drove out of it and had an easy drive...until about 2.5-3 hours later when the car suddenly lost all power and transmission in the middle of driving down a major highway.

Fortunately we managed to coast to the side without anyone crashing into us.  My husband couldn't get it to start and we ended up having to get a tow.  The tow truck got us off the highway and plopped us off in a nearby town.  My mother didn't live far from where we were, so she drove up with the intent to pick up the kids and I while my husband looked it over and got another tow (it was a major state highway so the insurance couldn't get a tow for us, only special state contractors could do it.  The insurance would pay to tow it home or to a mechanic close to home).  

After munching on some really su
b-quality food, my husband was able to start the car.  Now we were on our way back home...but slowly and avoiding any major highways.

So, the back roads home.  We ended up taking frequent stops,a first partly due to the kids, who had now spent a loooong amount of time in the car and because my husband thought it was electrical and if the car got hot enough it would do it again.  At one point the car smoked a bit, but it was probably because someone flicked a cigarette at it.  At least, my husband couldn't find the cause and the car was still running fine at that point.

Then the storms came.  Yup, we got a massive rain storm that dumped 2-3 inches of rain in about an hour.  With a few fairly impressive storms that came before it.  For the big storm we stopped in advanced to get dinner and sit it out.  Yes, dinner.  We had been driving that long.

When we got back on the road, there was flooding in spots, people's driveways were washed out into the road, a few roads were closed.  

When we finally made it home, it was 5:30pm.  We drove from 8:30am to 5:30pm and never got to see my brother or the rest of my family.  Our basement had an inch of water in it and half our driveway was washed out and around our house.  The pond still looks like it's full of chocolate milk and the creek flooded over our bridge and over part of our backyard.

But, I'm thankful: we made it home, no one smashed into us, our house weathered the storm well, none of our dumbass ducks floated off. 
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