Jan. 5th, 2017

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Yesterday on the way home I saw the most beautiful sunset. The picture below doesn't even do it justice:

My to and from work everyday is through the most beautiful countryside. It is a through a higher elevation that is quite rural. Sometimes a flock of Snow Geese shimmer in the distance like silver caught on fire. And right at the highest point, you can see the lake stretch out below and the mountains in the distance.
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'Sherlock' season 4 premiere disappoints despite huge plot twist

In which I bitch about Sherlock )

On a more positive note, I'm up to up to Season 4 in my rewatch of SGA, having just finished watching Adrift with Lifeline to come.  One of the exciting points about approaching S4 of Stargate is that I missed a lot of episodes from this season way back whe
n I watched it when it was first airing, so a number of these will be new to me!  There are, of course, still a number of episodes I did watch and several of them are pretty good and I look forward to rewatching them.  Saying goodbye to Carson and Elizabeth is hard though.  They felt so core to the show, you know?  At least they show up again, but still.  :(

After SGA, I'm debating between watching Due South and Brooklyn 99.  I have never watched either show.  Due South is a fangirl staple that I've been meaning to watch for years.  Brooklyn 99 just seems hysterical.  Any recommendations?


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