Jan. 7th, 2017

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I'm sick, again.

I originally got sick with a cold in October and it lingered all the way through Thanksgiving.  That Saturday after Thanksgiving, I became really sick with another cold, having never shaken off the first.  Then that lingered.  Midway through December I got that stupid UTI and shortly afterwards, my cold symptoms went away for a while, only to reemerge this last Tuesday.  Last night and this morning have been horrible.  Besides the congestion and cough, I've developed really bad sinus pressure.  My face hurts.

So I went to the doctor's.

They don't 100% know why I've been so sick lately, but there's a couple of non-exclusive possibilities:
  1. I have and have had a sinus infection for some time.  The UTI antibiotic isn't very effective against these, but might have enough to push away the symptoms for a while during and after taking it.
  2. Getting a cold can weaken your immune system, leaving you open to...more colds.  Yay.
  3. I keep reinfecting myself.
  4. All three of these or a combination of them can be at play.
So, I've got an antibiotic and I've been told to use my inhaler (yuck).  I was also told to Lysol the house down and open the windows as soon as the weather presents an opportunity.  It is currently 20F/-7C so that won't happen today.  Later in the week we're supposed to hit 40F/4C for a couple of days so maybe I can open the windows for an hour or two then.  It will be breeze, but doable I guess.

So begins Operation: Clean Everything.  It isn't fun to do, especially when sick (did I mention how little I slept last night?) but I am determined to stop being ill.  And yes, I can ask my husband to help; I probably will.  But just like I have very little talent in the kitchen, my husband's views of "clean" vary greatly from my own.  I know he'll help though.

I just completely wiped down the upstairs bathroom and went through the house pulling linens to be washed.  I'm going to try to do a bit every day.  Really through, wash down the walls, type cleaning.  



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