Feb. 4th, 2017

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One of the ducks have disappeared.  We think a hawk got it. :(  The rest of the mini-flock is unfazed.

Skimming through my past entries, I see the last I mentioned our new cat Oscar, it was to complain about his spraying.  Thankfully it has been some time since we had to deal with that.  Neutering and an additional cat box ended that behavior.  Nathan still gets into a fight with him now and again (which is unfair since Nathan weighs 15 plus pounds and a Oscar's just a miniature pile of fur with eyes), but all three cats are largely getting along.  Lister hates going outside in the winter and has found a box he has claim as his own.  Neither my husband nor I have the heart to recycle it as planned.

Finn has been diagnosed with a sensory processing disorder, which may or may not be replacing his ADHD diagnosis.  We'll find out, I guess, as we treat the sensory processing thing.  ADHD is more or less diagnosed by a checklist of symptoms while Sensory Processing has a more definitive testing apparently, and Finn is hypo-sensitive in three of his senses (tactile, vestibular, and prepioceptive...everything else is normal thankfully).  The symptoms of this happen to pretty much match the ADHD symptoms.  If he still has ADHD symptoms after treatment, they'll say he has both, if he doesn't, then he only has the one.  The prepioceptive system issue in particular answers the one problem we've had with Finn that the ADHD diagnosis didn't answer - why is Finn always "non-aggressively" hurting other kids.  He's always banging and crashing into people without any malice or any attempt to actually harm anyone.  Particularly as he's gotten older, this has become an issue.  OT is a huge help and can greatly diminish the symptoms or even make them disappear, but he'll always have it and will always have to the do the exercises.  
I can live with that.

I'm very excited about the garden this year.  I've already ordered my seeds.  I want to start some sort of edible flower/herb garden too, but we'll see if I have time for that.

Amelia's nearly 20 months old and got the last of her four front teeth today, putting the total count at seven because she doesn't believe in getting them in order.  She got two molars before she had all four front teeth.  She has three more on the way and is biting everyone and everything.

I'm getting my tubes tied Friday.  With the current state of things, politically, I'd rather have it done to myself that to my husband.  

My husband has a hernia.  We're waiting to hear when he'll be scheduled at the hospital.  HR from the job he applied for contacted him again to discuss job benefits.  He hasn't had an in-person interview yet.  I assume that's just the normal order of things, but I guess that means he likely passed the phone interview...hopefully.


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