Mar. 8th, 2017

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 On Sunday I took a nice long walk with my son.  We're lucky that a trail runs by the back of our yard.  We went further than we have before, to a nearby waterfall.  Finn had a blast looking for pinecones and watching the river flow and looking for "waterfalls" (we found several mini-waterfalls before the big one).  It was a fun adventure.

Until Finn found that someone spray painted hate symbols at the waterfall.  

I am so pissed.  Pissed at however did that, pissed that it ruined my walk, and really pissed that the current climate in our country seems to be encouraging shit like that.  

I reported it to the DEC and the police.  I'll probably check up on where things stand next week.  They're going to try to find out who did it, but basically that's just putting up a couple of cameras and watching the area to see if they come back and do it again.  (Which means I can't hike out there and cover it up.)  At least they said that they'll see about having it covered.  They're not 100% sure yet if it is DEC land, town land or private (given where it is located, the third option is unlikely.)


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