Mar. 16th, 2017

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 We're buried under two feet of snow.  There was no official count for my town, but the one next to us was recorded at 26 inches/66cm so...yeah.  Finn had a blast.  Amelia wasn't so crazy about it.  The one time we took her out (onto the cleared driveway) she spent the whole time crying and asking for "inside."  Speaking of Amelia, she decided that her dad makes the snow fall.  I've got a hysterical video of her saying as much.  We made out pretty well in the blizzard though.  We never lost power and had plenty of food so we just kind of hung out.

The heat hasn't been very reliable in the library this last week.  Thankfully I have a heater under my desk.  We've all be dressing in layers.  

I tried starting leeks and broccoli for the garden (indoors, of course) but nothing's coming up. :/

Despite the fact that I'm not finished with my Stargate Atlantis rewatch, I started watching Due South for the first time.  I'm several episodes in.  It's okay.  The pilot was somewhere in the okay-good range.  The next to were alright I guess, but I liked Manhunt quite a bit, despite it's odd mix of serious and wacky (and the guy acting the bad guy was overselling it).  I'm disappointed to not see the ghost of Fraser's father yet.  The second Ray comes later, after the first Ray, right?


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