Mar. 20th, 2017

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I've been asked to go to a meeting for one of the college's academic divisions (they have divisions here instead of schools or departments, if that make sense).  I am suspicious.  I was given no explanation why they wanted me to attend this meeting at first, so I asked so that I can be better prepared and was told they wanted to know about "new resources and what the library is teaching our students."

This division (1) has the most drama on campus, (2) houses the previous library director's wife-please note former library director was "encouraged" to retire and she has hated me since my arrival, (3) also houses the faculty member responsible for taking the previously required library session out of an english comp class unilaterally without any notice to anyone thus making a whole class of students miss said lesson (and other faculty members noticed the lack of preparation and voiced their concerns.

I'm sensing some political drama up ahead.

In other news, I'm continuing on with Due South!  "Chicago Holiday" was actually pretty alright.  It probably could have been shorter and, I don't know, I feel like I like it more than it deserves, but I do.  "A Cop, A Mountie, and a Baby" in all honesty didn't do much for me.  I feel bad saying it, but...I really didn't care for Mark Ruffalo's acting in this episode.  So, yup, a younger Mark Ruffalo is in this episode, but I wouldn't watch it for him.  I think the dog has the best acting in this episode, tbh, though the baby gets some acting points too. :p

The Gift of the Wheelman was the last I watched, and it was a fun!  The edition of Benton Fraser's dead dad really lifts up the show!  I'm looking forward to seeing more of him!  The shootout scene in this episode, where Fraser's talking to his dad's ghost and Ray is hysterical, given that Ray can't see Bob.


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