Mar. 29th, 2017

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 I realize now that I never followed up on my husband's hernia surgery.   So, since my last post was complaining about him taking so long to wake up from the anesthesia, I should start by saying he did eventually wake up!  According to him he wasn't really out of it once he woke.  This is from the man that immediately went about complaining to the entire nursing staff that I made potato cakes that tasted so horrible he couldn't eat them (this happened nine years ago) and made "gun hands" at the hospital's automatically opening doors when they wheeled him around in the bed, then laughed about it.

He is doing well.  That is to say, he is doing as well as I and his doctor expected and significantly worse than he himself expected.  The pain isn't too bad, but he's still pretty fatigued.  He went back to work for the first time Monday and, against my advice not only worked a full day but a long day.  Then he crashed and had to take Tuesday off. :/  He has plans to go to his friend's cabin over the upcoming weekend and I suspect he'll find himself napping half the time.

He made me Hungarian Bread Pudding as a thank you for taking care of him the other day, so that was nice.

Since my husband is quasi-laid up, a bit more housework had fallen upon me than usual and I'm falling behind on things.  If I'm to be honest, my Due South binge really isn't helping, but once I hit Victoria's Secret, then Letting Go and North, well, it was hard to stop.  Wow.  That will probably have to be it's own post at some point, perhaps with some cleaned up versions of the meta I've written about them on tumblr.  

My mother had knee surgery a couple of weeks ago and is healing from that.  She was concerned that she was so stiff and sore for so long, but then it turns out she wasn't taking any of the anti-inflamatory meds the doctor told her to take and low and behold once she had a talking to from the doctor and began to use them she started to recover so, yeah.  Mom's martyr complex strikes again.  I'm just glad she's doing better.  She was beginning to go on about how she was worried she'd never be able to walk without a cane again if this keeps up and everything.  *rolls eyes*


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