Apr. 5th, 2017

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 My husband keeps insisting on going to work despite being really unwell.  I am very annoyed with him right now.  Today he texts me at 1pm from work.  He has the 6-9 shift and told me he'd go in late so that he'd only do a half day.  Nope.  Apparently he's doing a full day.  And he says, "I think I need you to take me to the doctor tomorrow or Friday. Which will probably mean I'll be admitted."

 are you doing at work?!?

And he wouldn't leave.  "I'm here and I'm lucid." He says.  He was at the doctor's yesterday and she said he was healing well from the surgery but was very dehydrated-enough that it was effecting his heart rate-and told him to rest and drink lots of fluids.  He shouldn't be at work.

So, after a bit of exchange I more or less said I was driving over to his college to take him home.  I'm normally not the type of person to do that.  I let people make their own decisions but after two weeks of him pushing himself more than he was supposed to and only getting sicker, I'm fed up.  I'm concerned; worried about him and I'm sure that's feeding into it but I'm also just plain old pissed because I'm sure that if he took care of himself and followed doctor's orders, he'd be perfectly fine right now.  He probably got sick because he pushed himself to go back to work early and more than he was supposed too.  I know hernia surgery isn't like life-threatening open heart type of stuff, but it is still surgery and still requires recovery time.

So, anyway, he said that he's making arrangements and is going home now and will stay home the rest of the week, after I said (threatened) to come over and pick him and god help him he better.  
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I took my husband to the local urgent care. He's gettimy fluids with an iv and tested for an electrolyte imbalance.


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