Apr. 17th, 2017

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 I feel exhausted today, as in 'can barely keep my eyes open' tired.  If we weren't short staffed at work, I'd be tempted to take a half day, but I really can't.  As it is, I'm leaving an hour early (came in an hour early) to bring my son to soccer.  My husband won't be home until late tonight.  

I have a cardiologist appointment Wednesday to see what, if anything, they've learned about the issues I had last fall.  I've basically learned that as long as I stay away from caffeine I don't have any problems.  Whether that's because it irritates an arrhythmia, whether it irritates an anxiety disorder (which I don't think I have but in all fairness runs very strongly in my mom's family) or if I just can't tolerate caffeine, this might shed some light on it...maybe.  I mean, it can't diagnose the other two.  I was told over the phone by the nurse there wasn't anything alarming so that's good.  
The kids loved Easter.  Finn has been absorbed in a lego set he got.  Amelia loves her Little People Mickey and Minnie Mouse (and has totally ignored her Minnie Mouse Four Wheeler).  The kids got real cracked up on chocolate by the end of the day and we had to herd them into the car as they were getting out of control.  

Ah...little kids and candy.


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