Apr. 20th, 2017

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 My husband's still recovering.  He work up this morning gassy and tired, which makes me feel alarmed because he was really gassy the day that he started bleeding.  He's also often just gassy, so that doesn't necessarily mean a thing.  I just worry about him.

The ducks are laying eggs.  Instead of using the multiple nest spots we set up for them, they've taken to making their own nests-often in inconvenient locations.  Yesterday I rescued a clutch of eggs in a hard to reach location.  Several had already been raided and eaten nearby, probably by the vandal raccoons that roam our yard.  I found another clutch this morning by the fire pit because, well, why not.

New duck continues to float around being menaced by lead duck.

Things worked out well at the cardiologist, I guess.  They found that while my blood pressure was good, my pulse has been a little fast-but not fast enough to be a problem.  He could see how caffeine might have tipped me over though.  It tends to shoot up whenever I go from sitting or laying down to standing.  (Laying is around 80, sitting is around 90 and standing is around 100.)  I might look into ways to lower that down a little.  Of course, it isn't like I haven't been stressed out and concerned about anything lately. :p


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