Apr. 26th, 2017

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 So a while back the VP of Academic (my boss) announced at a student even that the library will be closing two hours later Sunday nights before actually informing the library staff...which made them all shut down about doing it.  I did manage to get a position open (part time, 20 hours) that would help cover it (it helps in that our late night hours are only served by one staff member so I could really use the extra coverage for that person in case they get sick or whatever).

But, you know, hiring takes time.  We hired someone how worked for about a week and a half and quit right before the first Sunday extended hours.  The library was actually just about to announce that they were going to take effect but he quit before we did (oh lucky us).

The VP is pushing to have someone come in and work late Sunday night for the last couple weekends of the semester and since my staff has made it clear they won't guess who will likely have to staff that.

Add to this the fact that she has become insistent that we do e-capstones this year despite the fact that we don't even have the software (D Space) installed yet and there has been 0% consultation with the faculty.  So it's been pushed through-much like being thrown into teaching a class before making a syllabus.  And you know who's the face for this disaster?  That's right-me.  In a couple of hours I'm going to a faculty meeting where they're all upset about these e-capstones and the policies I was basically told to make up on my own in like a day's notice which are crap because I of course you can't do that well with no notice and consultation.

I'm just...I'm so done right now.


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