Apr. 14th, 2017

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 It's been a rough week, friends.  My husband is slowly recovering from all that blood loss.  While the transfuson helped a ton, he's still running a little low; Tuesday's checkup showed that he was still anemic, though just barely.  Everyday he's improving though and that's good.  They've got a few tests to do to see if he's still losing blood or not.  Given the nature of the test we won't know for a bit yet.  Depending on how that turns out they'd either send him off to a specialist or just kind of shrug and assume whatever happened is done happening.  They never did find were the blood loss came from.  Both endoscopy and colonoscopy turned up nothing so it was likely in his small intestines-the one place they couldn't really look.  It is possible that he had a number of small tears from the hernia surgery.  A big one would have come up on the CAT scan and one small one couldn't have created the kind of blood loss he experienced.

Meanwhile I've got a cold this week with a horrible cough.  I cannot wait for this to be over.  It's enough that I'm really dragging which sucks since my husband's not exactly overflowing with energy either.  Our kids though, God do they still have energy.  Our house is a mess and we've got piles of clothes everywhere.  I asked my husband to see if his family could host Easter this year and so it is now at my in laws instead of our house which is awesome.  We just can't do it this year.

Finn asks, every day, if Easter is tomorrow.  


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