Feb. 15th, 2017

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Ways McShep Could have Happened: A Ficlet Collection

This is my slowly growing collection of fluffy McShep fanfics.  I just added a third ficlet to the series.  Enjoy!

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 So about a year ago one of the faculty members that organizes and runs the English Composition classes didn't have her classes (taught by adjuncts) go to the library.  As part of our GE program, we are supposed to teach one class.  It got to the point that I had to bring in the Dean and it became A Thing, which I really wanted to avoid, but she completely just blew off the GE requirements on her own accord.

Now I'm in a committee with her and she is chair.  At the last meeting, she never sent me the agenda, minutes and project we were to work on.  So, at the start of the meeting, I tried to follow along but couldn't so I had to admit I never received it.  I mean, she had forgotten to send these things in advance to the previous two meetings so I assumed she forgot again this time but apparently everyone else had them.

She made a big deal in front of the group that I did get it, she did email me and I should have come prepared.  Trying to not make it into Another Things, I said maybe somehow they went to the spam folder (I was sure they didn't).  She decided to make a show of bringing up her email on the smart screen for the whole (large) committee (with several senior administrators).

My name was not on the email list.  She didn't email it to me, like I had said.  She kept randomly interrupting herself for the rest of the meeting saying "But your name was on the list."

So...today.  I have this meeting in the afternoon again.  Still no email from her.  I guess I should email her?


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